Format work:

I can provide formatting for Kindle, amazon paperback and hardcover, Google Play and Smashwords (Allows you to distribute to Apple, Nook, Scribd, Kobo and may others. Soon it will also include D2D.

It should be simple, right? One format, get it done and submit to all of these places and you are done. No. Amazon and Smashwords documents used to be the same, but over the years they have grown apart, dependent upon what Amazon requires for the format they use and Smashwords requires for the ePub format they use, which does not allow you to simply use an ePub format and submit it. The Smashwords proprietary ePub maker requires more than just an ePub format, they have a style guide you have to read, learn and follow along with the ePub requirements. Fun.

Amazon of course has a different format, Mobi and the AWE format as well as the upload-able KPF format that is what Kindle wants you to use. If you try to upload a normally prepared DOC you may end up with no TOC to use for your links. Confused? Lost? It happens.

I can take care of your format needs in this area. I can offer a guaranteed acceptance with a working TOC, page numbers, headers and paperback and hardcover DOCs in the accepted 6x9 format Amazon wants you to use.

Formatting is Kindle, Smashwords, Google Play, Hardcover, Paperback or a package combination. Let me know what you need.

Things to remember: Finish all editing first. I will format your manuscript, not edit it too; unless you hire me to do that. I do understand the frustration of formatting a manuscript, I truly do, but you cannot skip steps and expect to be satisfied.

Write it. Edit it. Format it. Done. That is the formula, but I see so many writers farming the work out, receiving an unfinished project manuscript and then moving forward. You end up spending a great deal of time and money reformatting, re-editing, etc. And you will become frustrated with yourself, your editor and whoever does your format work.

So, write your novel. Make it perfect. Want to change Anna to Barbara? Okay, make sure to do it correctly, or make sure; if this is something you have assigned to your editor that you tell them. Don’t leave instructions out. It will take me all of 10 seconds to change all the Anna entries to Barbara entries and not miss something. If it is done incorrectly, you may have some bad feedback from readers wondering who the hell Anna is, who suddenly popped up in chapter fifteen. So, take your time. A bad release will stay with you for a very long time, better to wait. Read your work. Check the editing. Look for mistakes and make those changes you want because if you don’t you won’t be happy.

Amazon VS Smashwords. Without question Amazon has the bigger audience but that is not going to make a huge difference in sales if you don’t have a clue about what you are doing. Smashwords will get you to all of the top markets except Google Play and a few other minor book sellers. After you sell a set number of books it will also allow you to sell through Amazon.

I have not included D2D here as they now own Smashwords and so sometime in the near future, when you submit through Smashwords you will be listed on D2D.

Cost: $50.00 U.S. for Kindle, Smashwords, Google Play and the Hardcover Paperback for Amazon in the 6” X 9” format with page numbers and header content. I can’t stress enough that that does not include any editing. It includes one (1) 6x9 DOC file for Amazon for paperback and hardcover. It includes one (1) clearly labeled Smashwords/Google Play DOC file. It includes one (1) Kindle formatted KPF file.

If you wish I can also provide PDF, Mobi and ePub files along with a free computer desktop/laptop reader you can view them with. That is a free of charge addition.

You can also hire me to edit, light or heavy edits. You can reach me via this eMail: Please don’t inbox me at any of my social accounts. I have so many messages daily that I miss dozens of them because of the heavy amounts of spam that come from having been a published author for well over thirty years. The is the only eMail I keep track of. Use the subject Ghostwriter and I will be back to you within a few days.

Payments: PayPal. When I am finished I will bill you before I release the DOC to you. If you need proof of my work you are dealing with the wrong person. I live a very public life, I am not interested in taking your money and not providing the work, and if, by chance there is something you want fixed I will fix it.

I will add format and edit work to the instant order buttons on my page. Thanks, I hope that I can help you, Dell.

Get the work you need for formatting here: Commissions | Author Dell Sweet (