A new project I am working on, porting an old OGRE game to Rad Sandbox. The game is scripted in Lua and Rad Sandbox can use Lua scripting so it's a matter of working out the calls between the two engines. Fun so far, converting the models from MESH to DirectX and fixing issues as they come up.

I am updating the Models in Open FX Modeler, doing the conversions with Assimp.

One of my most popular posts: Building a track in Bob's Track Builder Pro. I purchased this through Steam. You should check out Steam if you don't know what it is: Awesome games and game resources and even Game Creation resources. Bob's Track Builder Pro will allow youi to build pro 3D tracks with a little of learning. I use it all the time and many of the tracks you see in my Rad Sandbox software were built by me in Bob's Track Builder Pro.

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